Back Ground Verification – Important in everyday life also

I along with Bangalore are shocked to follow the recent events involving the rape of a six year old girl in a Bangalore school. Yesterday the Bangalore police arrested a skating instructor on suspicion of being involved and as I read about the arrest (Bangalore school rape case: Skating instructor arrested) and saw the news stories, the panic level started to increase. Especially, when we realised today that the person who was arrested had taught my daughter to skate a couple of months back! Imagine how close she came to an incident like this! The articles have talked about how there have been complaints about the person in the past and because of this he was let go from another school. This made me sit up and think, don’t schools do background checks of their employees much like a lot of companies do? (A background verification will confirm a person’s identify, education qualification and past employment history). Looks like this may not be a common practice outside the Financial services domain where it is regulated by foreign regulators and Indian companies are forced to comply. I think its time we as parents start to force schools to adopt these practices, as India starts to replicate western culture more and number of instances like these rise. From a school’s point of view, having this process makes a lot of sense as the success of a school is based solely on its reputation and once such instance can close you down. I believe ICSE board may consider to do that as per this article – Vibgyor School Rape case; ICSE Board to derecognize the school?. I am sure spending a few thousand rupees per person is better than risking such an incident. Background verification plays an important role in other areas also, like when you hire someone to work at your house, sending your child to a class etc. And we ensure we do it to an extent in most cases either informally by talking to people we know or a more formal police check. So if we do it for the help we hire at home should we not ensure that the school does it for the teachers who interact and take care of our child for most of the day? I am already asking about this at the school my daughter goes to.

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