Petrol Pump Fraud

With the number of distractions we have today, all it takes is a 2 second distraction at the right time for the petrol pump attendant to make a cool 500 bucks of you.

How is done? When you pull up to fuel up.. He will ask you to look at the pump to ensure that the counter is zero, but just at that time someone will distract you with an offer and if you engage in that conversation the other guy will start filling up your car.

Once done, you pay and drive away, only when you see that the fuel needle in the car is not where it should be do you realise you have been had or maybe you dont even realise and just blame the car for low average.

What you didn’t notice was that they didnt allow you to check if the counter was zero and started to fill from where the last guy left, mostly they do this for Rs. 500 or below so that people dont notice.

Next time notice..


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