Whistle Blowing to external partiesVs Raising Concerns to the Internal Audit team

A recent article on Sydney Morning Herald “Whistleblower’s NAB leak reveals persistent bad behaviour in financial planning, fuels royal commission calls” raises the question about how seriously was internal audit taken in NAB. I am sure the internal audit reports would have highlighted these concerns in addition to the serious issues the internal audit team found in NAB’s It systems in their 2010 report. It also raising an interesting point about how people see internal audit in companies. Was the whistleblower from NAB more comfortable in going to the media rather than raising the concerns to the audit team. or did the whistleblower try his luck with internal processes and went to the media only after nothing was happening?

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/banking-and-finance/whistleblowers-nab-leak-reveals-persistent-bad-behaviour-in-financial-planning-fuels-royal-commission-calls-20150220-13hv1f.html#ixzz3SNpSiCTn

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